IMG_0776Here is a list of 10 great Summer Books for Kids to read during the summer. At most bookstores and libraries they have a reading program that allows children to read so many books and they win prizes at the end of the summer. At my local library they have different prizes for different ages.  It helps the kids by keeping their reading level up when out of school for the summer months.

  1. Swimming With Faith by Natalie Davis Miller ~ This book is about Missy Franklin who has been swimming since she was five years old and hasn’t stopped. I been a swimmer my entire life too so I love this story. She will trying out for the  Olympics Team  this year trying to win gold as she did in 2012.                               
  2. I Can Read 2 Facing the Blazing Furnace ~ Read about King Nebuchadnezzar( for me hard name to pronounce and say) and how he order everyone to worship a golden statue, three brave young men refuse to obey. By obey what God tells you about worship idols or anything is in the world. This books helps kids that are learning to read by having an adult help with a more engaging story line.
  3. I Can Read 2 Joseph the Dreamer ~ Read about how Joseph’s brothers sold him slavery because they were jealous of him being their father’s favorite son. 
  4. I Can Read 2 Great Stories of the Bible 6 books in 1 ~ This book has 6 different stories that focus on the Old and New Testaments. Some of the stories are God’s Great Creation – to learn about what happen in the 7 days he created the world, Ruth and Naomi – learn about how Ruth join her mother in law Naomi in a foreign county when she was a Moabite. The other four books are Facing the Blazing Furnace, Miracles of Jesus, A Father’s Love, and The Good Samaritan. Teach you about different situations and how to deal with them.
  5. I Can Read 2 Heroes of the Bible Treasury 6 books in 1 ~ Another book with 6 different stories to teach you about different situations and how to deal with them. Some of the stories are Paul Meets Jesus – He is hating by Christians as he was a Pharisee. Learn how Jesus changed him into a Christian., another one is Elijah, God’s Mighty Prophet – He was a prophet who leads people to Jesus and sends his messages. The other four books are Brave Queen Esther, Joseph the Dreamer, Noah’s Voyage, and Moses Leads the People. 
  6. God Bless Texas by Peter Francis ~ Learn about the state of Texas with a bear named Henry who goes through the popular areas of the state. Including the Alamo, Guadalupe Peak , the NASA Space Center and much more. I have never been to Texas and would love to see all these places.
  7. God Bless America by Peter Francis ~ Henry is on another tour this time the United States and seeing the fantastic places and sights that make America so special. Including the Statue of Liberty, the National Mall, Florida’s Everglades, Mt. Rushmore, and much more. I have been to a couple of these places and would love to take my son to them.
  8. God Bless Florida by Peter Francis ~ This time Henry is in Florida going to the Everglades National Park, Daytona International Race Track, the Kennedy Space Center among others too. Another state I would love to visit with my son especially to see all the alligators. 
  9. Adventure Bible Wild About the Bible Sticker & Activity Book ~ There is 50 reusable stickers in this book that features bible time heroes and their adventures in this activity book. Great to take along car trips to keep the kids busy.
  10. Counting Blessings by Eileen Spinelli ~ Counting from 1 to 10 and remember your blessings for the day as you read through this book. The illustrations are great to look at while you read this book out loud to the kids at bedtime.