I was able to review 2 different board games from R & R Games and the ones I choose were 1st & Goal and the second one was Gobblestones.

My son love the Gobblestones one as he beat me several times playing against me. Now the 1st & Goal one was a little bit harder for us to play but still fun, unfortunately I didn’t get any pictures playing this one.

gobblestones1 gobblestones2 gobblestones3

The family strategy game that’s easy to learn and gobs of fun to play! Players are hungry little goblins, trying to gobble up as many stones as possible to score points. Be a clever goblin and eat up the most valuable stones, but don’t be too greedy… a stuffed goblin is a slow goblin! The more stones you gobble, the bigger you get, and the fattest goblin wins!


Ages 10+ | 2 to 4 players | Playing time 30 minutes




Whether you are new to football or an extreme armchair quarterback, the R&R Games 1st & Goal Game is a must have. It pits two football teams against one another in a classic gridiron match. In this 1st & Goal board game, you can call offensive and defensive plays as you attempt to march into the opposing end zone to score. Players call plays using the cards that are available in their hand and the determined yardage is gained or lost by the rolling of the dice. The center of this 1st & Goal football game board is the football field that has metal embedded under the surface, so the football and the flag markers stays where you put them. The board also has areas to keep track of the score and timeouts and has player aids to indicate what the various sides of the Play die mean. A complete R&R Games 1st & Goal Game takes approximately an hour to play. It is designed for two to four players and includes all the necessary game pieces and instructions.

  • Designed for 2 to 4 players
  • Takes about 60 minutes to play
  • Pits 2 football teams in a classic gridiron match
  • 1st & Goal board game includes 7 team dice, 3 play dice, 60 offense cards, 60 defense cards, football, game board, 1st down marker, rules, 1 dice Football League coin, 6 score/timeout tokens

This magnet so the pieces won’t fall off, I didn’t realize it to I started to play the game with my son. Fun game to play and you also learn how football is played. Being a dice game instead of a card game is also great for traveling. My son didn’t like this game as much as Gobblestones.

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