DisclosureI don’t about you but I love The Berenstain Bears Stories. I received 3 different ones so I decided to combine my reviews for them.

School Time Blessings schooltimeblessings

It’s time for the new school year to begin and all three Bear cubs are excited and a little nervous too. When challenges and fears almost get the better of the cubs, Mama and Papa step in and remind Brother, Sister, and Honey that with their support, prayer, and God’s love they will each have a great year!

School just got out for the summer so it seems funny to be reading School Time Blessings about going back to school! But it will be time to go back before we know it and reading this book about our favorite Berenstain Bears is a great way to mentally prepare the kids for the coming school year.

Brother and sister bear were ready to go back to school and see their friends and enjoy their sports again. However, as is natural, certain fears also creeped in. It’s normal to have fears for little ones about leaving their parents for the day.

Caring and Sharing TreasuryCaring and Sharing Treasury

 In Berenstain Bears Back to School, A collection of the five most loved books in the Berenstain Bears, Living Lights series.
This collection includes:
– Jobs Around Town
– Get Involved
– Love Their Neighbors
– The Biggest Brag
– Gossip Gang

Finally! I have been waiting for this treasury to happen and it’s finally here! We are a bear loving family especially this character driven family. They are the epitome of everything good in my childhood and long standing tradition with me. I want my child to have them in their lives, as well.

Bear Country Fun Sticker & Activity Book Bear Country Fun Sticker & Activity Book

The Berenstain Bears come to life with this sticker and activity book fans are sure to love! In The Berenstain Bears Bear Country Fun Sticker and Activity Book join the whole Bear family through fun puzzles, mazes, coloring pages, and 50 reusable stickers.

In my opinion, this sticker and activity book would probably work best for 5-7 year olds. There are a range of activities such as:
basic coloring
simple mazes
finding stickers to complete the pictures
a simple word search
a simple crossword puzzle
search-and-find pictures
a connect-the-dots picture (with numbers up through 26)
a color-by-number picture

The pages in The Berenstain Bears Bear Country Fun Sticker & Activity Book cover various topics that you might find in any of The Berenstain Bears books. Although this book is not necessarily about the Bible or Bible stories, you will find references to God and church.