Here are 3 books that I think would be helpful for a child or adult with Autism. They reason why I think these books are helpful is because people with Autism have a variety of issues that need help especially when they are in school.

  1. I’ve Got A Stat For You My Life With Autism by Andrew Edwards

At the age of four, Andrew Edwards was diagnosed with autism. “Go home and watch Rain Man,” the specialist told his mother. “In all probability your son will be institutionalised.” Determined to prove the specialist wrong, Andrew’s mother set out to give her son the best life possible.I’ve got a Stat for You is an honest and compelling autobiography of one young man’s journey to manage his autism and achieve his goals. Raised in a single parent household and encountering bureaucracy, bullying, and a lack of understanding from many around him, Andrew emerged from a turbulent childhood to win a Welsh National Young Volunteer Award, give speeches on his condition, and secure his dream job as a statistician at Manchester United Television.

2. Life’s Essential Primer by Robert C. Trautman

 Your current level of success (or failure) is the product of the choices you’ve made throughout your life. “Life’s Essential Primer” provides a practical guide designed to help you make the choices that lead most directly to greater success and happiness.Ideally, school aged children should read, or be taught, the principles and practices detailed in Section 1. It will give them an essential framework within which they can plan and prepare their educational paths efficiently, to become successful, well-mannered, responsible adults, while avoiding the common pitfalls along the way.

Unwittingly taking just such a path from an early age with meager means, the author was able to realize his own dreams. He now offers you the benefit of his experiences with the hope that your life will become filled with success and happiness, as well. It’s never too late to get your life on track for greater wealth, both monetarily and emotionally. Sections 2 through 5 provide a series of amusing real-life adventures, illustrating the practical application of Section 1. Finally, Section 6 wraps it all up by showing how early choices affect events later in life. Success is a choice. Make it yours!

3. Grade Transformer For The Modern Student by Barbara Dianis MA ED

In the pages of Grade Transformer for the Modern Student are detailed step-by-step educational solutions and quick tips that have helped transform unlikely candidates into academic winners and scholastic achievers. You will learn from the expertise of an educational specialist with over 21 years of experience of helping students transform lower grades into higher grades and raise their Gpas. The student will learn practical ways to write papers, essays, and answer essay questions that can be impressive. Grade Transformer for the Modern Student provides students with easy tips and academic strategies to help them improve their ability to understand and retain pertinent information during lectures and direct teaching times. Students will learn proven methods to help them study more effectively to help teenagers gain academic success. Why spend months and years trying to figure out the scholastic secrets of top academic achieving students when they are available.