I received the book The 50 Cities of the U.S.A and choose one city to focus on. I did Pittsburgh,PA as this where my son was born.50 Cities full_Page_43

Some interesting facts about the city of Pittsburgh are the following:


  • BAYERNHOF MUSIC MUSEUM This castle-like house has secret passages and a collection of music boxes and automated instruments like this band organ.
  • CABBAGE ROLLS This popular dish, also known as Halupki and made with beef, rice, green pepper, and cabbage was introduced by Hungarian and Polish immigrants.
  • CAN YOU KETCHUP? In 1871, Heinz introduces the U.S. to tomato ketchup and in 1968, to individual “to go” packets.
  • CATHEDRAL OF LEARNING In the 1930s, school children donated 10 cents to help built this, the second-tallest educational building in the world.
  • CENTER FOR POSTNATURAL HISTORY On display: BioSteel™ Goats. They’ve been genetically modified to produce milk with a spider-silk protein to use in bulletproof protection!
  • DIPPY THE DINOSAUR The 90-foot, vegetarian Diplodocus carnegii was discovered in 1899. A life-sized statue sits outside the Carnegie Museum of Natural History, which houses the skeleton.
  • DUQUESNE INCLINE The two rail cars of this funicular are permanently attached to the opposite ends of the same cable and need the weight of each other to move.
  • FIRST POLIO VACCINE In 1954, the University of Pittsburgh developed an important vaccine for a once widely-feared and terrible disease.
  • KENNYWOOD AMUSEMENT PARK In 1921, roller coaster legend John Miller built this park’s Jack Rabbit: a 2,132-foot-long, wooden coaster with a 70-foot-double dip.
  • MADE FOR MOVIES The Dark Knight Rises, Inspector Gadget, and Angels in the Outfield were filmed in Pittsburgh.
  • MARTHA GRAHM This inflectional and innovative dancer and choreographer has been called the “Picasso” of modern dance and grew up outside of Ptg.
  • MOUNT WASHINGTON is a dog walker’s paradise: you might spot a Great Dane, the state dog that can grow 3-feet-tall!
  • PHIPPS CONSERVATORY AND BOTANIC GARDENS Bonsai, ferns, and orchids are some of the flora on 9-1/2-acres of gardens, notable for their environmentally-friendly facilities.

Just some of the facts of the city Pittsburgh. A unique city that has a different areas within the city.

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