Aquifer by Jonathan Friesen

Genre: YA Dystopian, Christian

Publisher: Blink

Pages:  303

Published: August 6th, 2013

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Only he can bring what they need to survive…In 2250, water is scarce, and those who control it control everything. And they’ll do anything to maintain their power – deceiving, dividing families, banning love… even killing those who oppose them.But above all, they seek to control knowledge and communication – ensuring the truth that will bring their downfall will never be known. But one person verges on discovering it all.

Sixteen-year-old Luca becomes the Deliverer, the only one allowed to contact the people called ‘Water Rats,’ who mine the essential water deep underground and bring it to the ‘Toppers’ who desperately need it above.

But when he meets a Water Rat who captures his heart and leads him to secrets – secrets about a vast conspiracy, and about himself – the net around him tightens. Luca and those around him must uncover and share the truth needed to overthrow tyranny – even as they fight for their lives.

My Review:
I’ve begun read dystopian novels- I’m not sure why, but they’ve been appealing to me of late. Aquifer caught my eye because of the water theme in and the lies, secrets that people hold. The Aquifer which is where the Water rats lived holds all the drinkable water since the Toppers have no drinkable water on the surface.Luca doesn’t realize that his mother was a rat and that he is a “half-breed”. His father Massa kept secrets from him because he was afraid to tell the truth and what the Council of Nine will do to him. It takes place on and around the coast of Australia.  It wasn’t fully explained how the world came to be in such a state, but that was likely due to the lack of knowledge of Luca, who tells the story in first person narrative. In this world, the written word had all but been destroyed, as it is seen as a method that could incite rebellion. As in there are no books, no emotions allowed. This was understandable, once the reader learned the extent of Luca’s and his fellow New Pertian’s figurative and sometimes literal imprisonment. There is a religious undertone but you won’t realized it until the end when Tayla sings. Overall I really ejoyed this book and would like to see a prequel of what cause everything to happen and why it happen.
About the Author:

Jonathan Friesen is an author, speaker, and youth writing coach from Mora, Minnesota. His first young adult novel, Jerk, California, received the ALA Schneider Award. When he’s not writing, speaking at schools, or teaching, Jonathan loves to travel and hang out with his wife and three kids.



I received this book for free from booksneeze.com in exchange for my honest review. 

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