On July 13-14,2016 I attend Blogger bash in New York City for the very first time. I was invited by Kirtzman Strategies to go as I did attend Toy Fair 2016 in NYC. I wouldn’t have been able to go as I live on a limited budget. I got to see over 100 different brands. I didn’t take a lot of pictures as I was more interesting into getting to know the reps for the brands and what they had.


On the first day we had breakfast with the Funshine Care Bear and we received a limited edition gold sparkled mini Funshine Care Bear, it’s so cute that it’s on my computer desk. I didn’t go to get swag or anything at all, more for the opportunity to meet with the different companies reps and other bloggers. I had a great time at breakfast learned what is to come in the next year since they will be turning 35 years old. I had a couple when they first came out.

After breakfast I had the opportunity to go on The Ride, which takes you around the city to different places with singing and people acting things out. here’s some pictures I took on The Ride. TheRide

If you didn’t go on The Ride you could attend the Blogging Concentrated which was going on in the same room that breakfast was put on in. There also was Speed Pitching to the different companies but I didn’t get to do that as those spot filled up fast. That night was Sweet Suite which was on the boat docked in the NYC bay. So many different great companies that were there. So that was all on the first day of Blogger Bash.

On the second we were on the boat till 9 pm, it was rocky at times depend on the weather outside. Breakfast was put on by Kate & Mim-Mim, heard from the creators of the cartoon. Never heard of the cartoon before, will have to check out the cartoon with my nieces. I went to Babypalooza and check out all the baby things that are coming out. Then they had a Expo with a variety of different companies. For lunch it was put on by Peanuts and we were able to hear from the kids that did the voices for the movie. After that was Snooki and JWoww who were the keynote speakers. They also had companies from Ireland and it was interesting to see what they had. One thing that I try was dry roasted crickets by Aketta. They weren’t bad at all and they had cricket flour too, received samples that I will be trying with my son. Blogger Bash 2I also got to meet Baltimore Ravens Offensive Lineman and published mathematician, John Urschel, is teaming up with Texas Instruments to explore the STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) behind sports, in a new series of activities designed to inspire the next generation of problem solvers and critical thinkers. STEM Behind Sports kicks off with “Field Goal for the Win!” a fun, free activity designed for the TI-84 Plus family of graphing calculators. The second person is Noah Galloway who was with Armitron for his charity  No Excuses Charitable FundHe is a retired veteran from the Iraq War that has lost his left arm above the elbow and left leg above the knee in an Improvised Explosive Device attack.

Blogger Bash 1

I highly recommend a blogger that writes about children attend this event. It is on my list to go to every year that I am able to. Look for rewards of some the products that I have received from the companies.