DisclosureGot anyone in your family that love to crafts. I found a couple items that would be perfect for the crafter old or young. Great for all ages to do crafts with.

  1. Super Spirograph 75-piece Jumbo Kit (50th Anniversary Edition) – I love this set as it is huge. I had one when I was a child. I do have a hard time keeping steady with my hands turning the wheels. Lots of great things inside this kit, multiple gears and tracks, paper, markers, directions all in an organized kit. The amount of things you get in the kit is great. The outside of the box itself is a heavy weight cardboard, the inside is plastic and this is the only part of this kit I take issue with. The plastic is a little wimpy and I am guessing with heavy use it will get dented out of shape, mushed and possibly broken. I wish they had made the interior of the case stronger to match the strength of the exterior and the product itself.Kwik Stix
  2. Kid-Proof Real Milk Paint –  I got two different colors to paint my bookshelf with. They are LILY PAD and GYPSY PINK my two favorite colors. I mixed up about 1/3 of the powder. I use both on two different bookshelves to put in my room. That was a snap. The paint went on the surface of my bookshelf beautifully. I let is dry for a few hours, mixed a little more paint, turned the bookshelf over so I could paint the areas I couldn’t get to in the first go round. It looks great. Clean up was easy. A very good experience and I will do it again. Comes in 55 colors for you to choose from.
  3. Kwik Stix – I love these as they easy to use and have very little mess to them. Come in a variety of colors that can be used on most things. They do dry quickly in 90 seconds. They come in 12 assorted plus 6 Neom, and 6 Metallic colors. No cups, smocks, brushes or water needed and they truly look and feels like paint. They vibrant colors won’t fade or crack. Works on paper, canvas, posters, and even wood how cool is that.Kwik Stix
  1. Gel Printing Plate Student Kit by Gelli Arts – Love that I can different prints with acrylic paints by using stencils or stamps. While gelatin plates ultimately deteriorate, Gelli Arts Gel Printing Plates are actual reusable printing surfaces. They look, feel, and react like a gelatin plate, but are made of a unique plastic that contains mineral oil. They do not contain any latex or animal products. Acrylic paint, water-soluble inks and fabric paints work best to create interesting one-of-a-kind monoprints – No printing press needed! Easy clean-up with soap and water. One 5×7 inch Gel Plate and I got a brayer with it. The Gelli plate takes some practice to get used to applying paint and getting a good print. But fun to use and loads of possibilities.Gel Printing Plate Kit

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