No matter how much sleep you get, or how much coffee you’ve had in the morning, sometimes it’s impossible to go through an entire day without feeling your energy plummet. If you’re lucky, it will only happen during the last hour of work in anticipation for getting home, but usually it starts to happen just after lunch time. As a result, your concentration falls, you become less productive, and you might even find it difficult to stay awake. Coffee, or other energy drinks are not the answer; not only do they take a while to kick in, but they’re full of sugar, which can cause another energy crash in a matter of hours. Here are a few alternative solutions to boost your energy when you need it most.



Usually, your energy starts to fade because you’ve been in front of a screen for hours. Step away from the computer, and stretch as much as you can. Movement will get your blood pumping, and it will energise your body and mind. Here are a few simple stretching exercises that can be done at your desk.

Reduce carb intake

Most people have sandwiches for lunch, or something that’s loaded with carbs because it’s a filling meal that will supposedly give them energy to get through the rest of the day. Technically, carbs do give you a quick boost of energy, but the simple carbs found in cookies, sugary drinks, and processed foods burn through your body really quickly. It also causes your blood sugar to spike and drop really quickly, so even though you get an initial burst of energy, you crash soon afterwards. Good carbs like sweet potato, legumes, and brown rice will give you energy without the crash.



It’s deceptively simple, but breathing deeply can give you more energy. Towards the end of the day, many people feel an increased pressure from their boss or looming deadlines, which causes the who body to become tense. This can cause you to feel tired because your body is not getting enough oxygen. Give your body a little oxygen boost by sitting up straight, and breathing deeply. Slowly inhale to a count of 6. Hold your breath to a count of 3 and tense all of the muscles in your body. Exhale for a count of 6, completely releasing all of the breath, relaxing the muscles as you do so. Hold the breath out to a count of 3. Repeat this slow exercise until you feel your muscles relax.

Vegetable juice

Not only is this a great way to get your five-a-day, but drinking vegetable juice instead of coffee is a better way to naturally boost your energy. Throughout the day, your body uses up nutrients to help your brain function at work, so replenishing these nutrients will keep you alert throughout the day, In juice form, however, your body doesn’t waste energy trying to digest it, therefore increasing your energy. Try some of these energy-boosting recipes and forget the energy drinks altogether.

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  1. when I stopped eating carbs at lunch – as in, switched to just having a piece of fruit – I noticed a significant decrease in my mid -day crashes and believe they were directly linked to blood sugar crashes.

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