I received a Zipit Grillz Pencil Case, a Marcus & Marcus Insulated Lunch Backpack and a Crazy Scientist Lab by the Purple Cow to review for back to school gear. Back to School is hard when you have to figure out what to buy for you child or children. I only one child so it makes it easy and since he is in high school now, he only needs a couple things. Now when he was in preschool he needed more and the Lunch Backpack would have be perfect as it could hold his lunch and snacks plus a small toy. Now as he went elementary school the Grillz Pencil Case would had perfect to carry all pencils and markers. The Crazy Scientist Lab is perfect to learn different ways in science that you can use in real life.

The products featured in this post were provided to me free of charge courtesy of BrilliantPRandMarketing . This post may have affiliate links but this in no way will influence the review to follow and all opinions are my own.

ZIPIT Grillz Pencil Cases are too cool for school! These playful pencil pouches are cleverly designed using durable 100% polyester fabric and one long zipper to fuel your imagination and impress your friends. The bright eyes and shiny teeth will brighten up your day, plus there’s plenty of room to store their pens and pencils, scissors and sharpeners, crayons, markers and more! MSRP: $8.99/ each. Available online at http://www.Amazon.com 

My Review

I love this pen bag and it is a great fidget buster tool for kids that don’t keep still. It can be completely unzip and then zip back together.

GrillzbackGrillzOpen Grillzfront


The NEW Marcus & Marcus Insulated Lunch Back Pack will keep meals, snacks and drinks cool and protected. It features a zipped mesh interior pocket helps to organize cutlery, ice packs and more while keeping them safely stored within the pack. The main compartment offers a full zipper opening for simple access and the rubber zipper grip is comfortable and easy to use for tiny hands.  The exterior zipped pocket provides additional storage for any extra items that need to travel with your child.  Phthalate and BPA free. For ages 18 months+. MSRP: $24.99. Available online at http://www.Amazon.com 


My Review

I got the Giraffe which is so cute and there’s plenty of space inside for your lunch and drink. With the little exterior pocket to keep other items from the main pocket. So perfect for little ones in preschool.


The Crazy Scientist LAB kits from The Purple Cow provide children the opportunity to become real researchers for a few hours and to experiment with their own private lab. Each kit comes with all the necessary equipment and includes a clear guide accompanied with photos of the processes, as well as, fascinating scientific explanations & facts. Available kits include: Water Gel Science, Bubbles and Foam, Young Detectives, Magnetic Wonder, Young Survivor and Optical Illusions. For ages 4 years+. MSRP: $20/ each. Available online at http://www.Amazon.com 


My Review

I got the Young Survivor one and they have a couple others to choose from. It included everything you need but a couple things you have at home. In this kit you will learn about Purifying Water, Distillation of Water, Generating Water from Plants, Starting a Fire without Matches, Start a Fire with Water,Building a Solar Stove, Build a Compass, Sundial, Using a Sundial as a Compass, Guess the Sunset Time, Morse Code, Morse Code Bracelet, and Knots and Bindings. As you can see you get 13 activities to learn about the different ways you can survive if you are in a emergency situation. I think it’s pretty cool to get so much in one little kit.  Now if you homeschool this would be perfect for a couple lessons.