Welcome to the first installment of Blogging Through the Bible. I am so excited for the start of this new journey – blogging thought the entire Bible. We begin with the book of Esther.We starting with Esther 1 and finish this week with Esther 7.

Esther 1:17 is about obey your husband when he ask’s you to do something. I know that is very taboo in today’s society but to me it is not. Most people think that is wrong and you are setting women back 30 years but I don’t agree at all. In the bible you are told to love your husband as you love yourself and vice verse. Now in Esther 2:10 Esther is told to hide her nationality because it can bring harm to her. In today’s society there is a lot of people that are afraid to tell others what thier nationality is because of people trying to hurt them physically or mentally. Sometimes you will need to do it as their is still a lot of racial pprejudices no matter where you live in this world. Ch. 3 what grab my attention was Esther 3:5-6  where Mordeci is told to kneel down before Haman. He didn’t do it and it enraged Haman enough to kill Mordeci’s people which were the Jew‘s. In present time we had Hitler who killed thousand’s of Jew’s all because of their nationality and beliefs. To me it meant that i should be careful who I am close to and not to worship other’s as they might want to hurt you.

Esther 4:15-16 this when Esther’s decides to pray and fast about what has happen before she goes to the King Xerxes to tell him the truth about her nationality. To me it is saying that before I do something I need to pray and fast on it before doing it as it might not be the best thing to for me to do. Esther 5:12 bragging about something that is not available to everyone might end hurting you in the long run. No one likes someone that has to brag about special treatment they have received. Esther 6:1-2 God kept King awake the night before the banquet and by doing that Mordecai was save for a loyal act he had done 5 yrs prior. To me it says that even if takes years to be recognize for something good that you did, that it was in God’s timing to do it not yours. Esther 7:3-4 by telling the King that she wanted him to spear her people from being destroyed which she didn’t know if he would be angry but she was being loyal to God. Being honest and loyal about what you say to people will help you, unloyal and unhonest people have major problems. I am honest and loyal to everyone unless you have harm me that is what God has taught me to do.

I am not writing all my SOAP’s notes in my blog posts, I will be listing the verse that I wrote about and how I feel about it. You can still join at any time in the year. Read one chapter a day. 365 days a year. Until you’ve read through the whole Bible. That’s it. Super simple. Do-able. (Plus her plans are mixed up so you won’t get stuck in Levitical laws for two months! Thanks Courtney!)

Now it’s your turn! Please share in the comments section below what you feel comfortable sharing for your S.O.A.P.s and also please share any prayer requests you may have. I’m keeping a prayer journal throughout our time together and will lift your needs to God daily!

Again, I am so glad you are here with me for this reading through the Bible journey!

Walking in His Grace,