OK, so this is a BIG BIG challenge that I’m going to start September 1st. But its a challenge that I’m super excited about and I already feel the benefits while I’m prepping and getting ready.
What is it you ask? Well, I’m going to be blogging through the Bible with the Womenlivingwell.org ladies. Basically starting September 1st, we will read one chapter of the Bible a day until we finish the Bible. Yes, this will be a multi year challenge, and its not strict if you miss a few days. We are also not reading it from front to back, the leader Courtney has picked which books we will start with first.
Do you want to do this with me? You don’t have to have a blog. But basically I’m going to try and link up with her ever Friday to talk about what Ive read that week. Whether it be one thing specific I read that spoke to me, or a little bit of everything I read, I will share something.
So, who wants to do it? Anyone? This will be hard for me but I am going to try to stick with it.
I understand that everyone is busy and this may seem like a lot. But think of it this way…..ONE chapter a day! That’s not a lot at all. And if you already read a bunch of other blogs, just add hers to yours as well and you can do a quick review whenever you read your blogs. Even if you are super busy, reading one chapter right before you go to sleep won’t take very long I promise.
If you aren’t a Christian, I still encourage you to do this. The Bible in itself is very interesting and maybe just maybe you will find interest in it.
OK, that’s it. Back to my regular blogs…. expect Fridays I will do updates.