I received the February Subscription BoCandy Box to review and I love everything in it this month, can’t wait for next month. All the candies come other countries outside of the United States.

KEX Choklad – Sweden
A Kex bar is one of the finest bars from Sweden. It is made by Cloetta, the largest chocolate producer in Sweden. The candy bar is light and sweet, with wafers and a slight hint of honey nestled in between them. Kex kind of reminds of American Kit-Kats, but the chocolate is much tastier.

My Review

Being half Swedish, I haven’t had the chance to taste some of the candy from there. this was my first and I love it and really need to more. Much better than American Kit-Kats in my opinion. Too bad I live in WV where it’s hard to find treats like this. Will have to figure out how to get more.
Goralki Strawberry Bar – Poland
Another wafer bar, this one from Poland. I really, really loved this candy bar and would recommend it to anyone who enjoys a light treat, but also has a sweet tooth. The outside of the bar is lined with chocolate and that really helps to keep it from crumbling. We’ve recently formed a new relationship with a Polish importer so expect more Polish treats 🙂

My Review

Another great choice to try out. The taste was great and you can really taste the strawberry in it along with the wafer.

7 Days Croissant – Bulgaria

Nutella is a huge aspect of European life- and the hazelnut spread is highlighted in this HUGE treat. The flaky croissant really goes well with the hazelnut interior. Every month, I make sure the people at the post office get a few boxes for helping us ship from our warehouse and they all agreed, this was their favorite!

My Review

Never thought that I would like this as I love croissants. The hazelnut filling was good with the croissant, and I am not into hazelnut spread at all.

Toffi Kubanka – Poland

These toffees are so rich, I love them! When you look at them, they might seem a little inconspicuous, but do you know what “toffi Kubanka” means in Polish? It translates to Cuban Toffee, which is pretty cool, if you ask me. So, this month, not only did you get Polish toffee, you got Polish toffee influenced by Cuban confectionary culture! I always like to write about a few of the interesting facts about each candy and that definitely caught my eye.

My Review

Talk about rich and creamy this is it. The color is dark brown and doesn’t taste like it is burnt. Another one to find out how to get more of.

Pikolo Fruit Drops – Poland

Who knew Poland would have such good fruit candy? I absolutely love these- they’re the kind of candy that I would stuff my pockets full before I leave work every day. To me, it’s really amazing how they can fit so much flavor in such a tiny candy. What’s really interesting about these candies, though, is the brand name. Mieszko produces them, which might seem like just another Polish name to you, but really is named after Mieszko I of Poland, a King around 1000 A.D. who drastically increased the land size of Poland. You learn something new everyday, huh?

My Review

Tiny little candies perfect to keep in your purse when you are traveling and need something sweet.                                                                                                                                                                                                             2016-02-22 16.03.47                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Coris Whistle Candy – Japan

Have you ever eaten an instrument? Nows your chance! Coris has made a lifesaver shaped candy that doubles as possibly the world most annoying whistle. You use it by putting it in your mouth with the blowhole positioned in between your lips and breathing air through it. Once you hear the shrill, high-pitched squeal, you know you’re doing it right. If you have children (or maybe an immature significant other) I apologize in advance for including these, however tasty they may be 🙂

My Review

Great taste and I didn’t realize that it was a whistle until I look the package, you get a little toy too with it. Whatever you do don’t give to children in a car as they would be whistle thru it as long as possible, at least my son would do it.