In BREAKING FREE, Beth Moore introduces the readers to nine different lessons and has several different parts – The lessons are too long to mention here, but the parts are:

I. From Captivity to Freedom
II. Benefits and Obstacles
III. Ancient Rules and Broken Hearts
IV. Dreams Surpassed and Obedience that Lasts
V. Unfailing Love
VI. Freedom and Splendor

This book is a Bible study and a lesson in Christianity that the reader / student won’t soon forget. This is more than a sit down and give two minutes to a devotional type Bible study. This is a pull up a chair, pour a cup of coffee (or tea), grab a pen, notebook and Bible and prepare to spend some time with the Lord. You will be changed as a result. It has changed my life and I did the bible study with a group years ago.

So this was a refresher for me to remember that our past is the past and to move on from the hurt we have experience. I have many issues with my past in the last couple years and turning 40 in January 2016 I am determined to move on and leave it there.

Beth doesn’t leave us identifying our sins but feeling defeated, though! She uses Scripture to walk us step-by-difficult-step toward the path of victory. The last chapters of this book include cartoon illustrations so we can visualize the steps to “breaking free”. These steps to breaking free are completely Biblical and practical, though not easy, and include agreeing with God about our sin, replacing Satan’s lies with intentional study and meditation of God’s truth, and bowing our thoughts to God’s truth through the power of the Holy Spirit.

The Scripture passages and discussion in Breaking Free not only helped me to identify some strongholds in my life that I wasn’t seeing as being “strongholds”, it also helped me to identify some lies that I have believed about these strongholds. Satan will always try to convince us that our sin is “not so bad”, “affects only us”, or is “impossible to overcome.” This study has helped to give me hope that, through God’s strength, mercy and love, I can overcome. I can have victory and become more like Christ. I don’t have to live the rest of my life trapped in a stronghold. I can experience freedom in God!