maliashouseI had magnetic blocks before however Build & Imagine takes the building to an entire new level – magnetic StoryWall panels! i’m that includes Malia’s house, however they even have a Marine Rescue Center, Career Dolls, Pet Studio, Theater, and even an empty magnetic building set for you to draw your art! (plus a lot of different games!) i used to be therefore excited to induce our hands on a collection of those and see however amazing they are! Malia’s house includes fifty eight items – and our set enclosed an additional party enlargement pack with fun camping and nightlong party magnets! Silly Maine didn’t scan any directions after we force everything out, and that i detected that just some of the panels are magnetic. you’ll be able to tell directly which of them are magnetic by the tiny star form on all-time low left facet of every panel.




Build & Imagine undoubtedly “one-up” the other magnetic building set we’ve had in our house before! These magnetic panels enable our youngsters to make a house, out of doors scenes, play with purposeful items just like the front entrance that swings open and shut, work on their engineering skills, produce stories and decorate their building.

Malia’s house came with 2 magnetic wood dress up dolls at the side of lots of accessories for them.


What’s nice regarding these Build & Imagine sets is that you simply will mix all of your sets along to make entire villages. you’ll be able to even see this set came with some pets too! Since all the sets embody a range of magnetic building panels, everything is interchangeable allowing associate degree endless offer of original stories and creative play. you’ll be able to opt to build simply an area or a whole house from prime to bottom!

The magnetic panels “snapped” along quite firmly, so that they control along well whereas the youngsters were enjoying. {this is|this is often|this will be} nice for drawback finding and style and might be used with kids of any language! There’s no difficult directions or ability level needed – simply add a touch of power and Malia’s house can change into such a big amount of things! It stacks and stores flat too!

The Build & Imagine Creativity Castle is scheduled to be sold exclusively on QVC® this holiday season! Check out all of the other Build & Imagine products here or find them on Amazon!

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