As a blogger, one of my responsibilities is taking pictures of the products I try. Of course, that requires the actual product. So when it come time to take pictures of Snyder of Berlin new cheesy snacks that were sent to my son and me to try out, one was almost gone since I took it.


My favorite was the Salted Caramel, which I devoured when I got it. I love sweets and eat them constantly, on the other hand my son loves hot food. I am not into hot food as I have a cleft palate which led to multiple surgeries in my mouth. My son went for the hot puff-n-twist immediately and love them then for the Three Cheese Pepper one too which he ate entirely.

I try both the Hot and Three Cheese Pepper ones and man was the Three Cheese Pepper one put my mouth on fire. The Hot was okay not extremely hot, so I can handle those.

We got 4 of the new cheesy flavors: Cheese Puff-N-Twist, Hot Puff-N-Twist, Three Cheese Pepper Puff-N-Bites, and Salted Caramel Puff-N-Bites.  Both the cheese and hot Puff-N-Twists have an amazing texture. That’s part of what makes them so addictive. They’re not super thin like similar snack foods, they’re the perfect snacking size. They have a crispy yet smooth crunch, kind of like a gentle explosion in your mouth. You have to try them to get it.


Snyder of Berlin Puff-N-Bites are the newest pop-in-your-mouth cheesy snack ever, with a decadently luring appeal that will make you say “Bite-Me” every time! They come in two outrageous flavors: Salted Caramel and Three Pepper Cheese. Snyder of Berlin Puff-N-Bites are Gluten free, have no artificial flavors and 0 grams of Trans fats. The Puff-N-Bites come in 6 oz. packages with an SRP of $2.50, and 1.88 oz. bags for an SRP of .99 cents.

Snyder of Berlin Puff-N-Twistz are the newest “Puff-n” cheesy crafted creation, made up of tangled-up fun shapes, with a delicious melt-in-your-mouth flavor. The Hot Puff-N-Twistz are baked with two kinds of real cheese that are specially blended and crafted for extra cheesy maximum flavor. They’re seasoned with (jalapeno, cayenne, and chili spices, plus a dash of sour cream, all blended together with the signature flavor of Snyder of Berlin famous “Real” cheese. Snyder of Berlin Puff-N-Twistz are gluten free, have no artificial flavors and 0 grams of Trans fat per serving. The Twistz come in 6 oz. bags with an SRP of $2.50, and 1.88 oz. bags with an SRP of .99 cents.

These new “Cheesy Fingers Good” snacks are featured in bright & bold packaging with eye popping product shots, and are part of the line of Snyder of Berlin snack line, including Snyder of Berlin Cheese Curls; Snyder of Berlin Cheese Puff-N-Corn; Snyder of Berlin Cheese Crunch and Snyder of Berlin Popcorn.


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