Well, all encounter challenges, trials, and tribulations in life that we have to get through. Living with a disability is no different, and that’s true whether you were born with a disability, whether it’s mental or physical and whether it developed in later life. In many ways, we are all in the same boat, regardless of our disability or the cause. If you are still coming to terms with your disability or you’re just curious about what some of the trials are for an individual with a disability, I might be able to shed some light on the matter.


What is a stigma? Essentially, it’s a set idea that people place on you because of something about how you appear or how you act. It’s an assumption basically and one that is always wrong. With that assumption, there is a perceived mark of disgrace. For instance, you might find that if your disability is chronic pain that people think you are making it up or exaggerating how bad it is. Or, if you are unable to find work with your disability people might assume that you are simply lazy. The reality, of course, is that getting a job with a disability is more difficult, somewhat ironically because of another stigma that people with disabilities are either liabilities or poor workers. How do you deal with these stigmas? Well, I’ve talked about this a little before on http://adisabledmomslife.com/5-tips-for-coping-with-a-recent-disability/.

There’s no denying it’s difficult, but you just have to rise above it. There will always be people who make assumptions like this, but thankfully, they are in the minority.


Since it’s more difficult for people with disabilities to find work, it makes sense that the disabled are more vulnerable to debt. You can learn more about the link between debt and disability on https://www.theguardian.com/uk/2010/apr/19/poverty-disability-warwick-university-debt. But unfortunately, that’s not the only factor playing a part here. You also have to consider the extra equipment people with physical disabilities need to buy, the possibility of needing extra medical attention. All of this adds up to the fact that people with disabilities are twice as likely to be in some form of debt. That’s why if  your disability was caused by an accident you should seek compensation using the services of a law company you can find online. But be very careful on what lawyer you choose, make sure to research him/her carefully. It can help you pay for the changes to your life and ensure that you don’t end up struggling with debt.


You might think you have limitations when you have a disability and perhaps you do. But those limits, those boundaries are being broken down every day. Right now you might think there is something that you can’t do because of your disability, but there are always options and even alternate choices.

If you are dealing with a disability that you might have developed recently, it’s important to remember that it’s not the end, it’s a new beginning. Your life will be different after a disability, but you will also still be you. You can be a fantastic mom, you can be a world-class writer, living your life the way you want. And the things we can’t do when we’re disabled? Well thanks to technology, medicine, and innovative ideas, that list grows shorter with every passing day. Let me finish this article by pointing to some of the astounding advancements in tech helping the disabled live full lives. You can find them on http://mashable.com/2017/05/17/apple-accessibility-videos-disability/#eqiup58PtiqS.