The 5 Big Things That Facebook Won’t Tell You because they don’t like too. 1. I like to see all my friends who on Facebook along with the pages I haved like. Well don’t count on Facebook allow you to do so. The only like to show the people who you are the most active with. So out of the 600 friends I have on Facebook, I only get to see maybe 100. 2. That everything you do on the internet is tracked by them if there is a like button on it. That’s how you get some ads on newsfeed. 3. That if you want everyone to see a post that you feel is important then you can $7-10 for it. Yep I did that once just to see what would happen and not one person comment on it. Sorry I am not paying money just so my friends see it. It actually moves the post up to the top of someone’s newsfeed. 4. You can limit your post to a certain group of people(your lists), city, or a particular area. You can even choose to allow everyone to view a post except your boss. Click the arrow in the lower right-hand corner of the status update box, and you’ll see all the options. I do this a lot since sometimes I don’t want everyone to see it. 5. You can hide if you feel like by go offline through the chat. If there is someone that you particular don’t want to see that you online, you can just choose that name to go offline for.

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