Did you know that September is Deaf Awareness Month? Yeah, probably not. Sadly the only people that seem to know it’s Deaf Awareness Month are Deaf people and Interpreters and we are already pretty much experts at being aware. There should be a ribbon too just like all the others.

I have 20% hearing loss because of the all ear infections I had as little girl. Way too many to count and it has left my ear drums severely damaged. I have a nephew with 20% hearing loss to and we are look at Gallaudet University for college for him. I have not learn sign language and wish I had when they did try to teach me when I was younger.


Did you know:

  • That there are more sign languages in the world than spoken languages?
  • That 90% of all Deaf children are born to hearing parents?
  • That only about 30% of speech is visible on the lips. (ie: olive juice/I love you )
  • That Gallaudet University is one of the only Deaf universities in the world.
  • That most Deaf people want to be called deaf and not hearing impaired. 
  • That the huddle formation in football originated at Gallaudet University.
  • That Juliet Lowe the founder of the Girl Scouts was deaf.
  • That babies exposed to sign language will produce their first word about 6 months earlier than babies who aren’t.
  • That Deaf people are mothers, fathers, teachers, doctors, lawyers, athletes, actors and about every other profession. 
  • A deaf center-fielder for the Cincinnati Reds, William Hoy, invented the hand signals for strikes and balls in baseball.
  • Phyllis Frelich won the Tony Award for Best Actress of 1980 in the Broadway play “Children of a Lessor God”. Ms. Frelich is profoundly deaf.
  • Two of the Osmond brothers and Nanette Fabray all have hearing impairments.
  • Shawn Dale Barnett became the only profoundly deaf man to have a top ten hit on MTV in 1987. 
  • Shawn Dale Barnett is also the inventor and creator of “DEAF MUSIC”.
  • When Beethoven composed his ninth symphony, he was profoundly deaf.
  • Alexander Graham Bell, inventor of the telephone (by accident) in his efforts to create a HEARING AID. He was originally an instructor for deaf children and invented the telephone to help his deaf wife and mother to hear. 
  • Scuba divers often use sign language under water.
  • Deaf people can sign/talk at great distances without the use of amplification through the use of sign language. 
  • Deaf people have created a language known as American Sign Language which has been linguistically defined as a separate language such as English, French, and German.
  • Statistics prove that deaf people live longer than hearing people 
  • The Incredible Hulk star Lou Ferrigno is 75% deaf, did not know this and I love the movie as does my son. 
  • Gregory Hlibok – First person with a disability to be appointed by the FCC to the head of its Disability Rights Office.

For more information and help please go to National Association of the Deaf