Suffer from Depression sucks really bad because most don’t get it. I have severe depression with anxiety. I have horrible days and great days it all depends. ¬†been suffered through it since my early teens and I am now in my late 30s. Some things trigger it without any warning, other times the ame triggers will give me anxiety. Some people think you are faking it to get attention, no thanks I can’t control it. It is not something that can be shut off as your emotions come and go with changes because of your mood. ¬†I take medication to help me others self medicated themselves because it is easier to do then to get a prescription. I hate having to take something for it as makes me feel that I can’t control my depression without it. I would love to go all natural but it hasn’t work for so I have no choice but to take the medicine to help me through the day. I get what Robin Williams went through everyday with his depression. So hard to explain to people how you feel because they think everything is great when in reality you are hurting inside. Not easy to say you suffered from Mental Illness because there is still a stigma about it.