The Diversity Calendar is a month-by-month, thorough collection of holidays around the world! For the past three years, they have interviewed religious leaders from all major religions, and heavily researched the calendar to assure that the most important holidays have been included (and are happy to include any additional festivals or holidays our readers add in the comments!). This fabulous diversity calendar includes 285 special days including:

  • multicultural and ethnic festivals
  • religious holy days from all major religions
  • environmental days to celebrate and honor our planet
  • United Nations International Days such as “Global Youth Service Day“
  • fun holidays that celebrate friendship, empathy, and kindness.

Teachers can create global and cultural awareness in their classroom, as they use the multicultural, diversity calendar to plan time-appropriate activities related to seasonal global celebrations. It’s the perfect complement to a world religions unit, lessons about cultural diversity, or any social studies class focused on global learning. Inspired by our Diversity Calendar, teachers have created bulletin boards, cultural units, and have honored the cultures of their students.

Every classroom and library should have this Diversity Calendar posted for their students to become more aware of the beautiful celebrations around the world!

In the packet, you will receive a list of each month’s holidays around the world, including religions celebrations, cultural festivals, and global holidays. Please note that this Diversity Calendar is specific to the school year of August 2016 – July of 2017, and will be updated in subsequent years to account for the changing dates of many holidays.

Here are some examples of the multicultural holidays we share:

International Friendship Day

Birthday of Confucius

Rosh Hashanah

Vaisakhi (Sikh New Year)

Shichi–Go–San 七五三 (Shinto)

Milad un Nabi (Prophet Muhammad’s Birthday, Islam)

International Polar Bear Day

Martenitsa day (Bulgaria and Balkan Peninsula)

Endangered Species Day

National Aboriginal Day (Canada)


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