medicaldeviceThere are many advantages to going private such as being able to skip the waiting lists and potentially get more luxury care. However, one of the biggest downsides is the cost – something that puts many people off.

But does private health care have to be pricey? With a little bit of savviness, it is possible to pay less for private healthcare. Here are just a few ways that you can cut costs.

Seek treatment abroad

The likes of Cuba and India have become hotspots for medical tourists wanting to slash the costs of private treatment. Even with the added costs of flights, it can still be much cheaper to get many forms of specialist surgery, as well as intricate dental work. The quality of care is often surprisingly good – particularly if you’re visiting a specialist clinic. There are sites such as Treatment Abroad that can help to compare medical costs around the world. Going abroad obviously won’t save you costs on small visits to the doctor, plus insurance may not cover treatment abroad.

Shop around for insurance

Medical insurance can help to pay for expensive treatment, however you don’t want to be making up these costs in high insurance rates. Try shopping around for affordable plans. Some insurers such as Health Insurance Innovations can come up with tailor-made plans to save you the most amount of money.

Up your excess

All insurance companies offer something known as excess or a deductible. This is the amount that you’re willing to pay out of your own pocket for medical costs before an insurance company steps in. Setting a high excess or deductible can dramatically lower your insurance rates. However, you do have to be willing to pay this sum of money in the event of medical treatment. Setting your excess high is a good option for those that don’t need treatment regularly. Contrastingly, if you are in and out of hospital a lot, you may be better off keeping your excess low and letting your insurance company pay for the bulk of healthcare.

Make use of club membership perks

Some social clubs, gyms and local business groups may offer a discount on private health care for joining. You shouldn’t join these clubs solely for these perks, however they are worth noting if you’ve already been looking to join such an organisation. Some of these discounts may extend to dental work and even opticians.

Live a healthy lifestyle

Exercising a lot and having a good diet is the best way to save money on healthcare as it will ensure less visits to the hospital. However, did you know that in many cases it can also save money on your insurance? Some insurers will ask you to fill in a questionnaire about your health. By proving that your diet is good, that you exercise and that you don’t have any unhealthy habits such as smoking or drinking heavily, you could be entitled to much cheaper insurance rates as you are likely to be deemed a low-risk client.

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  1. Thank you for sharing. I don’t think health care need to be pricey. But it is to me I have to pay over 200.00 a month and it’s not the best insurance.

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