I was given a chance to attended a conference that was about how to build a network of informed family members and meeting new people. It was held at Canaan Valley Resort in Davis, West Virginia. There were classes that you attended to get more information along with chances to meet new friends. The state of West Virginia held it every year for three days, two nights for free. All lodging, meals, conference materials and child care are provided. You also receive a gas stipend at the close of the conference. The first workshop I attended was Making in Our Town, It was an active session where you got to see how people were treated. It also covered the Principles of Family-Centered Practices and how to use them.

The second workshop I attended was Accessing Local Resources/Care Notebook. it was about how to maintain the notebook on your special needs person and what local resources are available for them and you. I then took a break because I was tired. I attend the Nature Walk to see more of Canaan Valley, It was so gorgeous. My last workshop that I attended was the ABC’s of a Healthy Lifestyle. It was about how to make easy changes to your diet to eat more healthy. Overall I really enjoy the Family Leadership conference and so did my son, I will return every year till I can no longer can.


This conference no longer happens since the state doesn’t have the money to do it anymore. Which is ashamed because it brought people from all over the state together.