So I am looking for a job. Which is hard because sometimes I am overqualified for the job as I have been to school. I got my cosmetology license in 1995 California moved to WV got there in 1997. I have been to college and received my Medical Assistant specialized in Business Administration in 2009, have not worked in as a MA. Went back to school in 2010 for Anesthesia Technology have yet to finished that degree. I have to finish my externship which 10 weeks long. Both schools are in Pittsburgh,PA and I now live In Cincinnati,OH. The work I have done is being a hairdresser(no license in Oh at this time) and as a Certified Nurse’s Aide on and off for 12 yrs. No longer certified as a nurse’s aide and don’t have the money to go back and get recertified in Ohio. I do have a criminal background which does hinder me to get hire in certain jobs.