Well first off what the hell is wrong with people allowing their children to vandalizing someone’s property? I am talking about Former NFL’s player Brian Holloway’s property. Here is the article Former NFLer outing teenagers. Are you fricken out of your mind to be worry about your child’s future.  That child just helped a whole lot of people destroyed someone’s else property. If this was my son there would severe consequences and I don’t care what the other parents did to their child. #1 He would be at Mr. Holloway’s front door to apologize to him and his family. #2 He would also would be cleaned up the mess afterschool and on weekends. I don’t care if you are involved in sports..too damn bad. You did it and now paid for it. #3 Sorry about your social life but it is now gone until you prove that you deserve it. That goes along the computer, phone and all social media. Everything you do will be monitored by me until further notice.

I personally think that he should every single person that tweeted or Facebook about it. The parents should be teaching their child/ren about respect others and their property.

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  1. Every child no matter the age needs to learn responsibility. Which I think is lacking in a lot of kids now a days.

  2. Agreed! I hate when parents are like my baby my baby! Um, no, your baby is an idiot who deserves consequences. Too many parents prevent their children from experiences consequences. It’s more detrimental to them and society than they think. It’s a time of it doesn’t matter what I do, so long as I like it or I’m happy that’s all that matters. Um, false. I’m glad the NFL player called them out, he ought to and he shouldn’t be given any crap for it.

  3. Parents need to stop babying their kids and let them own up to their responsibilities. I’m with you, if that was my kid he would be paying for whatever damages he did until it was all paid off for. He’s super lucky he wasn’t my son!

  4. I agree that we need to teach responsibility to our children. You better believe if my kids would have done that, they would have had consequences similar to yours.
    Why are we helicopter parents nowadays? What happened to teaching our children responsibility and owning up to their mistakes

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