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Dreams are a fascinating thing. They are pulled from the creative center of the subconscious mind while you sleep. While some struggle to remember their dreams, others are able to recall many of the details. The stories; Frankenstein, Terminator and Twilight came from dreams. Much of Edgar Allen Poe’s poetry was inspired by his dreams. Paul McCartney created the melody for the hit song Yesterday in a dream and Albert Einstein credited many of his ideas to his dreams. As you can see, dreams can have a profound impact on your life and the world.

Keeping a dream journal is a perfect way to document your dreams. A dream journal does more than ensure you remember your dreams. It can help you make sense of them. Dream journals can help you work through life’s challenges, subconsciously solve problems and come to terms with various situations. Journaling in itself is very therapeutic and can lead to better psychological and emotional health. It can help regular negative emotions which may in turn lead to fewer mental and physical ailments.

In this free guided journal, you will learn why dreams are so important and how you can benefit from documenting them.

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10 Prompts to get you started documenting your dreams and quotes to keep you motivated

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