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Goals fuel your desire to reach your dreams. They give you the inspiration necessary to aim for the stars. Goals help you take control of your life. They help you focus on what’s most important. Goals can help you get better organized and work more efficiently. Goals help you be more self-confident and enthusiastic about what you’re doing.

Everyone needs to have goals they are working towards each day. If your daily actions are not working towards your goals then it’s time to make some changes. If you’re not getting what you want from life, chances are you are lacking in goals or are not actively working towards them every day.

In this free guided journal, you will learn how to document your goals and how you can benefit from documenting your progress every day.

 Here’s what you’ll get:

A guide on why setting and documenting your goals are so important and how you can best document them

10 Prompts to get you started documenting your goals and quotes to keep you motivated

Space to journal your goals and document your progress

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