When a loved one in the family is struggling to take care of themselves, it can be difficult on both them and yourself when it comes to giving care. You want to help them as much as possible, but you also don’t want to take away their independence. Here are a few ways in which you can ensure that your loved one gets what they need at the same time as keeping their independence.

Food services are available to set up for your loved ones. This is where they can order all of their food online, and have it delivered to their door. For those that may struggle to cook, there are even companies that deliver ready made meals so that all they have to do is warm it through. These types of services are ideal for those who are housebound, or can’t carry loads of groceries home.

Buying walking aids are a great way of giving your loved one their independence. They will then be able to take care of themselves without you needing to monitor their every move, and give them some privacy. Walking aids are widely available to buy and will give them freedom.


Overbed tables are brilliant for those that may have to be seated or are bed bound. It gives them the freedom to have all of the things they need close to them when they are alone. Things like television remotes, drinks, snacks and books can easily be stored on there for easy reach. Tips and more from atHand, who can advise you on what kind of table to buy for their specific needs.

Fitting aids around their home will give your loved ones the freedom to live as normally as possible, without having to rely on you for help. Things like stair masters, shower seats, hand rails, support arms, wheelchair trays and lowered tables and counters may help your loved one no end. Remember to talk to them to find out if there is anything they desire to make day to day life easier.

If a carer/home health aide is needed, then hiring an external carer to come in and help your loved ones with certain tasks may be a favourable option. Sometimes with personal issues like going to the bathroom, it’s easier to accept help from someone you don’t know because it helps save their dignity. Speak to your family member about what they would prefer, and if desired, get the help they need.


Listening and respecting their wishes is a very important thing to do. Just because they’re struggling with certain aspects of their life, it doesn’t mean that they aren’t capable of making their own decisions. Imagine having your freedom of choice taken away. Even though it may seem easier to do everything for them, respecting the fact that they want to do it themselves is something you need to adapt to doing.

Finally, you need to remember that whatever the situation is, it’s much harder for them than it is for you. Give your loved ones the space, dignity and respect that you expect for yourself. Give them their independence.