Product Description

When you’re hungry for God’s Word, how do you digest the whole Bible? One bite at a time! In this easy-to-read study, Guthrie focuses on one key verse for each of Scripture’s 66 books, offering a brief commentary that illuminates the passage and places it in context. An innovative, accessible approach! 240 pages, softcover from Nelson.

My Review

I loved the way Guthrie pulled each chapter off without a lot of fluff, straightforward the way I like it. He presents facts, scripture, and ties it all together. This isn’t a sit down and read it through in an afternoon kind of read. More like a devotional, or Bible study aid than anything. However, the chapters are chock full of information so you walk away feeling like you’ve learned a lot (a good thing!).

The book could be a good Bible introduction for anyone seeking to read the Bible through in a year or two. It could also serve as the starting point for a sermon series moving a congregation through the entire Bible – a dream of mine, but unlikely to occur given my current congregation. content is too brief to serve as a Bible Introduction text in a College or Seminary course, but might serve that purpose well in a Sunday School or small group Bible Study.

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