DisclosureWith having one child plus 4 nieces and 3 nephews  to buy for, it’s so difficult for me to choose exactly what we should be aiming for.  Their likes, dislikes, foods and EVERYTHING changes.  So, for my child and nieces & nephews, every year I end up making a list of holiday gift ideas just for me to keep track of what to buy and not to buy.  Some years it’s where one that liked it, no longer likes it but one of the next in line become fond of.  It’s so confusing for a parent/aunt/uncle to know one year from the next what their child or children and nieces & nephews will enjoy, love or like.

I’ve decided this year, for the very first year  to create my list here.  My son and his cousins range in a large age range and it’s from three years to twenty-three years.  With that said, please keep this in mind when you go through this.  Tapple 10

    • Tapple 10– This a card game that has a variety of games for a total of 10. Perfect to travel with if you go on vacations and need a game that travels well.  The Tapple 10 deck of 80 cards offers 160 different categories that will engage players of all ages, and comes packed in its own travel case with sand timer for fast word fun on-the-go. The included instruction booklet describes how to play each game, and the recommended number of players & difficulty level of each game.10 Games To Play Include:
      1. Tapple 10 Alpha
      2. Rake ‘em In
      3. Four in a Row
      4. Down the Line
      5. Head to Head
      6. Scramble
      7. Alpha Build
      8. Countdown
      9. Last Man Standing
      10. Under Pressure

    • Stratego Waterloo – This game is a board game that you have to strategize to beat the other player. Based on the real historic battle of Waterloo, which I think is cool and people that love history would like it. Having 3 different versions to play Basic, Standard, and Expert choose which one to play. Can be complicated to learn but by learning this can be helpful in other situations especially if you have Autism or other Special Need that can be used in your life. You win by battle to sever your opponent’s lines of retreat. Stratego Waterloo breathes new life into a old family favorite, offering deeper strategy and challenging decisions… and you’ll probably learn a thing or two along the way about June 18, 1815.   Contents: 1 Game Board, 47 Blue, 45 Red, 13 Black pieces, 1 Battle die, 2 Hill, 2 Mud, 3 Building tiles, 15 Maneuver and 6 Line of Retreat Cards, 12 Weakened Blocks, 6 Building counters, 3 Ownership flags, 1 Turn Counter and rules8 Bit Art Super Mario
    • Super Mario Brother 8 Bit Art Sticky Notes – You can make a Super Mario Brother Mario with Sticky Notes. It is a pretty good large paper mosaic 20″ x 15″. You can build on any glass surface, poster boards, or any wall that has flat paint. I will be doing it on a Poster Board so if my son wants to take to another room he can. Can be done by any children older than 6 years old. Great activity to do with your child to learn the colors and how to make a mosaic.roll for It
    • Roll for It –  One of my son’s favorite games to play with me. He tries to win every time we played. It comes with dice in 4 different colors so 4 people can play or just 2 people. Some ways we play with game is by trying to get the most cards to win or with all the dice. Another great game that goes well if you travel a lot.

  • Eco Bricks – These bricks are like the name brand ones except made with high quality cherry wood. You can painted them in any color you like. Encourages fine motor skills, visual-spatial skills, logic, creativity, environmental awareness. They came in as little 24 pieces up to 250 pieces. I got the 90 piece one which includes 5 – 4 Dot Wooden Covers, 70 – 8 Dot Wooden Bricks, 7 – 8 Dot Wooden Covers, 6 – 16 Dot Wooden Bases, 2 – 16 Dot Axel with Wheels – Packaged in a laser engraved wooden storage box.  Great for all ages. 

wanderlust dubai

  • Wanderlust Dubai – A fun handmade fun city skyline of Dubai. Made from wood and felt play set that all kids no matter what age you are. It has a chalkboard painted interior which comes in a Wooden Storage Logo Box 11x7x2. 

Edushape Travel Brix

  • Edushape Travel Brix – The pieces come in a lot of different shapes, sizes, and 5 colors. There is even some that let the blocks attached to them turn around and around. It has a travel board 6″ x 8″ that can be used anywhere. The 32 pieces are washable, flexible and soft.   I did wish that the little booklet of design ideas, which only had pictures of finished creations, had instead step-by-step instructions of builds. The flower proved to be difficult just by looking at the picture to put together, even for me and so I made up my own. It encourages creative thinking and helps with developing motor skills. 

U.S, Games

  • Ball of Whacks – This contraption is fantastic. The book has some great ideas and such but my son and his cousins love to just take it all apart and make different shapes with it. Each piece is outfitted with a positive or negative magnet so they don’t all fit together but it’s fun to get a few and mess around with. Make sure that you keep the pieces together as they can get lost, we had several get lost so we finally had to throw it out. It is a great game for children with Autism to play with as it will occupy their mind.
  • WOW (World of Words) – WOW: World of Words is nice fun for anyone who is even remotely curious about word games. For casual gamers, it will a lot of things right that another word games do not. as an example, all players play simultaneously—there isn’t any have to be compelled to wait quarter-hour between turns for your opponent to rigorously select simply the proper word (cough: Scrabble). If you are not a good speller, it does not extremely matter—if you recognize what a word starts and ends with, and it’s a minimum of five letters long, it’s target. For the foremost half, there’s no got to criticize on spelling (cough: Scrabble and Boggle). additionally, reading through the list of words at the top of every spherical isn’t as drab because it appears, since even then there’s some strategy concerned in selecting that words to mention 1st.
    If the players in your cluster prefer to structure words simply just in case they are real, it’s sensible to own a wordbook accessible (preferably searchable on a mobile device) to verify the validity of a word. Also, the 30-60 minute play time for one game will feel a trifle long, however it is simple enough to chop it shorter by reducing the quantity of cards.


  • Famous Generals of the Civil War Card Game – Is a card game that has Generals of the Civil War on it instead of the typical ones. You can learn about the 3 important leaders of the Civil War, who served their country in its desperate struggle. The deck includes generals of both of the Confederate and Union armies including: Robert E. Lee, William Tecumseh Sherman, Ulysses S. Grant, and others. The deck is comprised of thirteen books of four cards each. Each book features a general, with a full-color portrait and an outline of his military achievements. There is a game with instructions included to play and the object is to win is by complete books by calling for cards from other players. This part of the Civil War Series Card Games. 
  • Famous Battles of the Civil War Card Game –  Another card game in the Civil War Series. We actually live by Philippi which is one of the battles in the Civil War not in these deck. So it is educational and informative if you like to learn about the Civil War. This one has the Battles of the Civil War on the cards instead of the normal one.

  • Famous Women of the Civil War Card Game – Another card game in the Civil War Series. It highlights the important contributions of 13 heroic women during the Civil War.

  •  PirateTalk Conversation Card –  Is a deck that is chock full of amazing pirate lore and legend, as well as fascinating facts about real-life pirates and how they lived life on the high seas. PirateTalk cards are sure to fire up the imagination with fun topics like sunken treasure, swashbucklers in popular movies and books, and “Talk Like a Pirate Day.” Each colorfully illustrated card presents interesting facts with intriguing questions designed to get everyone talking about their own ideas and experiences. Great for children under 13 when you are eating dinner. 
  • Flip Six – What a fun game to play with my son.  It  consists of 55 numbered cards, including negative numbers. The object of the game is to score the fewest points by getting rid of cards or trading them for lower cards. To start each round, each player is dealt six cards. Without looking at their cards, players lay them out in a grid. On each turn one card is drawn and one card replaced. Matching cards may be discarded. The round ends when one player has turned up all his cards or discarded all six cards. After ten rounds, player with lowest cumulative score wins. Great to teach about subtraction, addition and matching. Also great for special education classrooms so students can learn in a fun way.

  • Snatch-it Word GameA great game to play with children that need help with their spelling. Every second counts and every letter’s up for grabs in this fast-paced, word-stealing, mad dash game. As players take turns flipping over a letter tile, words can be formed by using 3 or more letters from the center or by adding onto an existing word. Players may SNATCH any word at any time by adding one or more letters. As the words grow so does the excitement. The game is easy to learn and encourages quick, creative thinking.

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