Having a Mental Illness sucks big time. The constant battle with my mind drives me crazy at times. I don’t take any medication for it as I seem it really doesn’t help. It just numbs you to everything that is going on. I have been diagnosed with several, which I list. 1. Adjustment Disorder with Mixed Disturbance of Emotions and Conduct(yep so me); 2. Adult Antisocial Behavior(don’t really see that one) 3.Personality Disorder with borderline, Histrionic and Passive Aggressive Features(yeah ok if you say so) 4. Pervasive Developmental Disorder 5. Major Depression… Fighting this every day of your life is time consuming and a lot people don’t understand what you are going though. I constantly battle with it everyday as my emotions go up and down. There is nothing anyone can do that can help, you have do it on your own. A great support system helps a lot when you do get depress. 1. a dysfunctional response taking place inside the span of 3 months following people that are exposed to a precise recognizable and difficult scenario, such as a breakup, company pandemic, domestic strife, beginning academic studies or traininglearning to be a father or mother, or approaching the golden years of life in which their career will end. 2.aggressive, impulsive, and often violent actions that violate protective rules, conventions, and codes of a society – for example, laws. Have gotten in so much trouble with the law which has result in arrests, jail time and having a criminal record. 3. in DSM-IV-TR, refers to a chronic pattern of personality instability. More of a disorder than not, it manifests through symptoms such as mood shifts, sudden temper outbursts, intense but unstable relationships, and self-defeating behavior. Also called unstable personality disorder. 4. in the DSM-IV-TR, a residual class consisting of pervasive growth-related disorders marked by handicapped growth of cultural interaction skills correlated with communication problems or stereotypical actions which don’t adapt to the diagnostic standards of other pervasive growth-related disorders, like rett syndrome, Asperger’s disorder, autistic disorder, or childhood disintegrative disorder. 5. 1. a recent, unforeseen oncoming of depression. 2. a serious bout of depression, classified by numerous more signs or symptoms, many of which are unnecessary for diagnosis of a major depressive bout.

All definitions have come from Psychology Dictionary .. Coming out with this helps me come to terms on who I am. I can’t change how I was raised but I can change my outlook on things. Everyday is a battle that I must go through but by having the means to talk about will help me in the long run. I am a mother to wonderful little boy and I have to be here for him. I have my mood swings which go to extreme one minute to nothing at all. This all part of what has made me and I wouldn’t change anything just the way I handle it. If you are going through any of this please get help from a professional and there is a great organization that can help too NAMI.

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  1. its wonderful that you face who you are !
    Accepting the cards that were dealt is hard , all studies of seperated twins shows that we are born not raised with most of our personality traits- blaming those who raised you is more destructive than you know. I speak from experiance
    Depression is a hard thing to deal with has a young woman i struggle not understanding why or how to stop it , I’m sure my children paid a cost for it and i am so sorry , now that i understand that was organjc source for me I had MS, all the years and not diagnose you are lucky have been diagnosed young what i like most about this blog is when “Coming out with this helps me come to terms on who I am. I can’t change how I was raised but I can change my outlook on things.” this statement is wonderful i have found thru age and time the very same thing its all in your outlook – wasting time on blaming others rather than concentrating on learning to live with the challenges you’ve been dealt-

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