How I watch tv without having a subscription to a cable service by using my Roku. I have been using a Roku box to stream all my shows that I watched on tv for the last 5 years. I got a Roku box because the cable was so expensive for me as I have a limited income. There are hundreds of channels to choose to be able to watch movies and tv shows. I have 34 channels on my Roku and yes I do watch or play since one is a game. Having a variety of different channels allows me to find movies or tv shows that I want to watch or find new ones.  So here is my long list and why I have each one with a description for them too.

  1. Netflix = can’t go wrong this one as I watch movies and tv shows on it. paid Channel
  2. Amazon  Video = Part of Prime and they now have subscriptions to add Lifetime Movies, Showtime & Starz among others too. Yep, I love this as I can now watch shows that before I wasn’t able to.
  3. USTVNOW = gives ABC, NBC, CBS, fox when you are overseas serving the military. There are other channels too. Paid Channel No Longer used this one
  4. Sling = HGTV, FYI, and other channels, great for me since I love watching these channels plus Food Network and the Cooking Channel starts at $20.00 then to add it’s $5.00 for some and $15.00 for HBO No Longer used this one as they increase their prices.
  5. CBS All Access = All CBS shows that they produced and it will be your local CBS Channel too. $5.99
  6. Dove Channel = Movies and TV Shows that are made by Dove and others that are wholesome, good content especially for children. $4.00
  7. Feeln = Previously the Hallmark Channel, so offers all Hallmark Movies and TV shows. Love this one as I can sit and watch for hours on end. Will have a review on this channel next week.
  8. Pandora = Music channel, I did have Pro until I got Amazon Prime but at still used this for my music.
  9. Crackle = Free movies & tv shows, a lot of independently  made ones and they are pretty good too.
  10. Vudu = another movie and tv shows channel, but you can buy or rent from here too.
  11. Slacker = more music anyone
  12. Angry Birds Space Game = my son’s favorite game not used a lot but still there
  13. Snag Films = Movies & tv good one but not a lot of variety for me
  14. YouTube = to watch the videos people put up on a bigger screen than a small one
  15. Nowhere Tv = weather and news channels some are international too
  16. Google Play Movies & Tv = movies & tv to watch, buy or rent you can watch on any android based phone or tablet.
  17. HSN = Shopping
  18. HSN2 = more shopping
  19. QVC = shopping
  20. Create and Craft = shopping for all crafters based in England, I really like this one as you can see all the new things and what you can do with them.
  21. Roku Media Player = your personal media that you own that you view on the Roku
  22. Vimeo = web videos similar to YouTube
  23. Sky News = New & weather international
  24. MGo = rent directly on Roku tv and movies also can buy them too
  25. Stream Now = Indie Tv shows & movies, great to find ones that you have never seen or heard about before
  26. Watch Espn = Sports
  27. Russia Today = all news from Russia in English
  28. Abc Family = movies, tv show from the channel on cable
  29. Abc = tv shows from the channel on cable & over the air
  30. Pluto = movies & tv shows very different from regular ones
  31. NBC = tv shows from the over the air channel
  32. tubitv = movies & tv shows a variety
  33. Hasbro Studios = cartoons like Gi Joe and Transformers the original ones, not the remakes, Anyone over 35 would love this channel and to be able to show their children how the cartoons would so good growing up.
  34. DirectvNow = The DIRECTV NOW cost starts at $35 per month for their basic package, including over 60 channels with three other packages. Love this

There is an entire list of all the channels you get on the Roku box over 3,100 channels here. Will be looking at the list to see what interested me since I only stream.