So this is my last week of training at Ikron. It was really boring since they really didn’t have anything for me to do everyday( have at least 6 interns). I am there through the Ticket to Work Social Security and am going through Opportunities for Ohioans with Disabilities. I was paid minimum wage for 20 hours of work for the last 4 weeks. I think that if OOD is going to send you somewhere for training that the training spot should have work set aside for the trainee. I sat at the front desk and answer phones, the front door and occasionally put some papers in alphabetically order. I mainly sat there with nothing to do, I did use the internet occasionally until I was told not to use it so much. So I brought in my tablet or a book to use. Which I was told it was profession to have at the front desk. So I guess I should just sit there and do nothing unless something is giving to me. Way too boring for me since I am High Functional Autistic. I do understand that they normally deal with people that are recovering addicts(which I am not) or more severe disabilities. Being high function with Autism makes finding a job hard because most people think that you can’t do anything. Which is totally wrong as I can everything else does, I just do it in a way that makes sense to me.

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