I haven’t read the primary book within the series however can to urge additional of a background of the characters within the book. there is perpetually love and family problems that require resolution. The characters are blemished and build mistakes rather like we have a tendency to neutralize the real world. however the message of affection, hope, and forgiveness is woven through the pages of this book in such an attractive method that you simply won’t wish to place it down once you begin to scan it. It very honors God and teaches the biblical lesson that our sins, though forgiven, do have consequences. perhaps if we will} see this by reading regarding it in others we’ll be able to apply it to ourselves and deem the results of ungodly acts and choices that we’ve the selection to create as we have a tendency to move through our lives. God is often the middle of that resolution. She includes a method of sharing scripture that brings it to a brand new lightweight on behalf of me. I simply plain feel smart after I scan her books. they’re a simple scan…a flex in your favorite chair and simply enjoy! . I completely darling this story of Tanner and Jade as a result of like all people life is not good, if truth be told it will get downright untidy except for the grace of God, He will restore and build all things new despite our selections in life. that’s the truest sense of what it means that to be a believer in Jesus is that redemption, forgiveness and second likelihood is that accessible to all or any people notwithstanding what circumstances we’ve more responsible.