I have been privileged and honored with the opportunity to be selected as part of the review team for another parenting resource lately.  If you would like to read the other reviews, you can do so HERE .  When I was shown the cover, title and background information for Motivate your Child I knew this was not just a review, rather a resource I needed in my own library! It’s never too late to speak a kind word, give an extra hug, have a heart-to-heart discussion or just hang out with your children.

I co-parent with my mom and stepdad my 13 year old son. So to have something that is helpful that teaches me how to be a better parent is very helpful. Since my son has Autism, some things are difficult and when you have it too that makes for double trouble.

One of the many scriptures in the book that stood out to me was Proverbs 12:1 “Whoever loves discipline loves knowledge, but he who hates correction is stupid” on page 62. There is a lot scriptures throughout the book to help you.

Shortly after the paragraph on page 3 from above, the authors state that moral development in children doesn’t come from a psychology textbook.  The moral development comes from the Bible.

At the end of Chapter 3 there is a quiz that you can take to see what areas of strength and weakness that your child has in his/her conscience. It is a very detailed quiz too! Make sure you’re totally forthright answering it, so you know where you need to start with your children.

“Responsibility is doing what you know you should do, even when you don’t want to do it.” Quote from Chapter 4

As adults we have to do the dishes, clean the toilets, and do the mounds of laundry even if we just do not want to do them. Kids need to learn that even if it isn’t a task that they love, that they still have to complete the job and complete it correctly. This should start at a young age. For example a child who takes his pajamas off and leaves them laying on the floor of his bedroom. He needs to learn responsibility of picking them up and putting them either in the dirty cloths or away so he can wear them again.  The book not only gives you issues like a child leaving pajamas on the floor, but it also gives solutions for kids of all ages! I don’t know about you but sometimes I feel like I have ran out of ideas of ways to reach my kids heart strings. I want them to obey, but I also want to reach their heart and equip them in ways that will last for life.

Motivate Your Child: A Christian Parent’s Guide to Raising Kids Who Do What They Need to Do Without Being Told is a brand new book from the National Center for Biblical Parenting. This organization is all about heart parenting and the wisdom they share is just the kind of thing I wish I had heard 13 years ago. We need to help spread the word about this organization and these resources because families NEED to hear their message!!

Here is what the book description has to say about this new release:

Most parenting approaches end up encouraging children to ask the wrong questions about life: What’s in it for me? Are you going to pay me for that? What’s the minimum I need to do to get by?

But God’s Word gives us a better way to parent, one that builds strong internal motivation in children. When parents change the way they parent, kids change the way they live. This practical book explores a theology of internal motivation and then gives parents real-life solutions to equip their kids for life. 

You’ll learn . . .  

  • how to parent in ways that build internal motivation so that kids don’t have to rely on you to get things done.
  • the four promptings of the conscience and how to coordinate your parenting to take advantage of them.
  • ways to energize your spiritual training with fun and creativity.
  • how to help children respond to mistakes instead of blaming, defending, or justifying.

The greatest gift you can give your child is strong moral and spiritual development—this book shows you how. Every chapter includes practical examples of families applying the Bible to their current issues. Join the revolution!

I don’t know about you, but this is a book that I think every parent can benefit from. If we are honest, we all need help in the parenting department. We all need encouragement.

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