I have no set schedule when I blog and what I blog about. Personally, I write about anything I want as this my blog and not someone else’s. Every blog is different not the same or else that would be cookie cutter same. Don’t care about how many posts on here. Yes, I have done it for 4 years not steady just at my pace. I don’t strive to be like others and like being unique. Actually, know how to keep my blog running and coding, so I play around with plugins to see what works for me. I do buy private label rights articles and from virtual assistants like most bloggers out there and if they say they don’t there lie.  Both of these can be limited to a selected bloggers and others are exclusive for your use only. So yes there might be some blog posts on here that are same as others because we brought them the same article. I changed mine to fit my blog and they do the same or should.