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pettreaterPet Treater is a dog subscription box that sends out treats, toys, and various gadgets and gizmos. They don’t give a specific value for each box and the website states that “each box typically contains a yummy treat for your pup, and usually an interactive toy as well”. It costs $24.99/month, and it’s less if you sign up for a longer subscription. A whole year brings the cost of each box down to only $19.99!

This box is huge!! And so colorful and cheerful, it made me happy just to see it! The box is sturdy, well designed, and I think it would make a really fabulous gift. Your first box comes with a free bed if you use promo code PT-BED, so if you’re interested definitely try it out! There are different sizes, and you will receive the appropriate one for your dog. We have a 12 pound dog so got the smallest one available.

Pet Treater is a monthly subscription service that gives other pet boxes serious competition. Unlike other boxes, Pet Treater has three different shipping dates depending on when you purchase your box. No worries if you miss a certain deadline because there’s another one right around the corner.

Place your order between the 7th and the 16th: Your box ships on the 27th
Place your order between the 17th and the 26th: Your box ships on the 7th
Place your order between the 27th and the 6th: Your order ships on the 17th

At only $24.99/month, you can bring some excitement to your pup’s world. Tail wags and slobbery kisses should be expected!

Swiss Tech Dog Leash Light | $11.99
I had never considered getting a leash light before I saw this, but it makes so much sense. I’ve been using it on her leash ever since and it’s been very helpful.Bonus points for coming with the batteries pre-installed. I hate getting gadgets that I have to run out and buy specialty batteries for!

Pet Head Canine Foot Bath | $8.99
I thought this was a really amusing product when I pulled it out of my box. The idea is funny, right? I I like that they also included a red microfiber cloth to dry your dogs paws afterwards. It fits nicely in a neat package.

Nylabone Romp N Chomp Roller Treat Toy | $15.99
Another Nylabone product. They make very durable toys, so I was happy to see this is one that can be reused. The treats can be refilled with Nylabone’s refills, though it looks like not many online pet shops are selling them. Perhaps this is another discontinued item? You can still buy them on Amazon, but I haven’t found them on Petco or Petsmart or even Walmart’s online stores.

Full Moon Chicken Bacon Treats | $13.99
Made with 100% human food grade ingredients with no artificial preservatives, corn, wheat, or soy. It’s also made in the USA and has a wholesome ingredients list. I’m glad to see a really big bag of treats–this is 12.5 ounces! It does expire on 4/10/2016, so if you’re like me and have a backlog of treats for your dog to try, this would have to go to the front of the line.

Style Selections LED Color-Changing Night Light $4.98

This is a really random inclusion for a dog box.  I kind of feel like the Pet Treater people got a good deal from a closeout seller of these and threw them in the boxes to pad the value a bit.