I had the opportunity to go to Ricart Car Dealership in Columbus,Ohio for a blogger event in Sept. I knew nothing about the dealership except by driving by it on my way to West Virginia and seeing the huge sign with tons of car. So it was awesome to be able to meet the owner’s grandson Rick Ricart. He came and spoke to us even though he was very busy. He told us about growing up a Ricart and how he had to start at the bottom when he came to the car dealership. It has been in the family for 60 years, 3 generations in business. They are very family oriented and try to help all 400 employees. We also had Lisa Woodruff from Organize365.com came speak to us about organizing our cars. She told us think that our trunk is our closet and to organize it like it is. The five things I wrote down that she told us are:

1. Carry a full snack bag in your car in a cooler especially if you have children or drive a lot.

2. Use the glove box as extension of home- bandaids, grocery bags, medicine, benadryl and other small things.

3. Have all charging necessities in the car at all times(buy extras just for the car)- garmin, mobile hot spot, generator(inverters), small tv/dvd if traveling

4. Use the inside dash where the odometer is hold mail or directions.

5. Slow cooker in the back if you have to be in the car all day transported children to activities.

More about Ricart:

Ricart Automotive Group is a new and used car dealership situated on the 67-acre Ricart Mega Mall in southeast Columbus, Ohio. We offer our customers a one-stop shopping experience for new Ford, Mazda, Hyundai, Kia, Mitsubishi and Nissan cars and trucks and The Used Car Factory for pre-owned cars, trucks and SUVs.

Ricart was founded in 1953 when the late Paul F. Ricart bought a tiny Ford dealership in Canal Winchester and then expanded to Route 33 at Bowen Road. He built his business serving area residents and U.S. Airmen stationed at the nearby Lockbourne Air Force Base. But with his commitment to being the Central Ohio’s low-price dealer, Ricart Ford’s reputation spread. In the ’60s, Paul built his third “new” Ricart Ford at Route 33 and Hamilton Road, site of today’s Ricart Mega Mall.

Paul’s sons, Fred Ricart and Rhett Ricart, grew Ricart Ford into the mega dealership it is today. The guitar-strumming Fred, through thousands of TV commercials that he produced at his Ricart studio, became one of the most recognized faces in Central Ohio. Rhett is the behind-the-scenes businessman who takes care of daily operations. Now their sons, Rick Ricart, Ross Ricart and Jared Ricart, are learning the business that their grandfather founded.

The Tour: We were able to tour the Used Car Lot and got to see how they work. We also got to see the original Model T car that was in the first showroom. Pretty cool to see a Model T since there isn’t a lot of them around anymore. We also got to see where the take pictures of every used car on the lot. They used a life size photo booth to get every detail from every used car from bumper to bumper including the interior. They are using a “360” camera & video system to do it. It takes about 10 minutes to do a entire used car. Ricart also provides free basic car washes to anyone that buys a car from them that can be done anytime. As a employee they allow you bring your dog and have a Subway on the huge campus like Auto Mall.

Ricart recently teamed up with Ronald McDonald House for a cute zombie commercial. Everyone in the video are real people not actors. Check out the video http://vimeo.com/75253006 ..

I would recommend people to go there and check it out. If I was closely I would go and see about buying a car through them. Be sure to stay connected with Ricart via Facebook & Twitter. Sorry for no pictures but I left my camera at home and my phone was dead.

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  1. It was so nice to meet you that day. Only wish we had more time to talk. I wish you had emailed me- I could have given you some pics to use! 🙂 as usual- I took too many!

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