Stress is a huge part of everybody’s lives. At some point in our lives, every one of us gets stressed out about work or money worries but sometimes we get stressed even when there isn’t an obvious cause. There are plenty of obvious reasons for stress but there are so many others that you probably haven’t even considered. These are some of the secret causes of stress that can easily catch you out.


Other People’s Stress

Just like yawns, stress is contagious. Studies into the effects of stress on other people found that even when people were just watching somebody else do a stressful task increased their own stress levels. If you’re in a high paced work environment full of people that are stressed out, it doesn’t matter how calm you are because you’ll soak up everybody else’s stress. The problem is, you can’t always avoid it but you should try to take a bit of time away when you can.

You can feed off other people’s stress even if they aren’t there in person. Research into social media found that seeing other people’s posts about stressful situations can have the same effect as being around people with high stress levels.

Lack Of Sleep

Lack of sleep affects your health in so many ways but one that you might not have considered is the effect on your stress levels. A huge proportion of people aren’t getting enough sleep and it’s causing stress levels to shoot up. The most common reason that people are struggling to sleep is a bad mattress. People often struggle to find a good mattress because they don’t understand all of the different types and their benefits. Luckily, sleep ridiculously well have a great guide on their site which can help you to get your head around your different mattress options. Depending on your sleep patterns and preferences you’ll need a certain type of mattress. Getting the right one can really boost your sleep and reduce stress levels.


People often try to multitask as a way to reduce stress. When they’ve got a lot on they think that the key to reducing stress is getting all of your work out of the way. Trying to do everything at once might seem like it’ll make things less stressful but it actually has the opposite effect. One of the most common ways that people try to multitask is by answering emails while they’re trying to get other things done, which has been shown to massively increase stress. Focusing on one task at a time is far more efficient and less stressful than multitasking.


Your expectations about life can also have a huge effect on your stress levels. If you’re too hard on yourself then you’re going to be constantly worried. When you set expectations far too high, you’re always going to be falling short of them and getting stressed out about it. Even if you’re a great success, you’ll still be stressed if you have unrealistic expectations. Don’t be too hard on yourself otherwise, stress levels will hit the roof.

Avoiding these secret causes of stress is the key to staying calm and improving your health.