FIMO Kids Form & Play Set Fairy

Skill indicator – level 3

Contains flesh, light green, glitter gold and glitter white FIMO kids blocks, modelling tool, instruction booklet with information on how to make your own fairies plus a secret garden background scene.









  • Extremely soft with a pleasant feel
  • FIMO clay blocks are segmented into eight portions
  • Contains 4 x FIMO kids blocks, 1 x modelling stick, 1 x background scene and 1 x instructions booklet
  • Ideal for small hands
  • Oven hardening










The first fairy I made was a little hard for to figure out how to do it. The feet should be showing in the back with the green shoes on top of it. I think I use a little too much of the fimo dough. So on the second fairy I use a little less fimo dough and it came out better. With having a hand that isn’t up to par with my other hand makes things like doing this craft a little harder for me. I follow the instructions to bake it which if you are in the United States it is celsius degrees instead of us measurement since it is a European brand.