Everyone has a desire to be liked by his or her peers. It’s all a part of the social beings we are. We are just made up to care what others think. Some people seem to be better about not letting others get them down than others are, though. And those who are suffering from depression or things like PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) will probably have the hardest time with this.

You should seek therapy if you believe you are suffering from any mental disorders. But here are some things you can do yourself to stop taking things personally.

Don’t Give Others the Power

Only you can control how others make you feel. Don’t let anyone else take that power from you. The more upset you allow someone to get you, the more power you are giving them over you. Don’t give anyone that satisfaction. No one is worth that much mental energy.

Rid Your Life of Toxicity

Many of us have had a toxic person in our life – the person who skillfully manages to put you down while boosting his or her own ego. Their words cut deep and leave you feeling devalued and often angry and depressed. Cutting these people out of your life entirely is the most ideal situation. Unfortunately that’s not always possible, though. In that case, limiting contact is going to be in your very best interest.

Ask, Ask, Ask

Sometimes we truly are overly sensitive. Instead of letting anything fester, if you are unsure about what a person meant by something, then ask. Maybe the person didn’t mean it the way you thought. It’s important to not be defensive. Use action words like, “When I hear you say this, this is how I feel.” This will open up communication and hopefully there will be no doubts about where you stand with a person and if something was really meant to attack you.

Know Yourself

We all have our own sensitivities about certain subjects. This is likely because it’s something we personally experienced or someone close to us has. Knowing the topics that could cause you to become offended and avoiding those when they come up can help save you a whole lot of grief.

It’s Not You – It’s Them

Sometimes people are just insensitive. Since we have no control of the things that others say and do, we have to be able to just let go and move on when someone says or does something that’s stupid and hurtful. They might not mean any actual harm, but sometimes people just don’t understand. Most likely it’s because they have a hard time putting themselves in someone else’s shoes. There’s nothing you can do or say to fix this, so you have to consciously not take it personally.

Embrace the Positive in Your Life

For every one negative toxic person in your life you probably have five who truly love you and understand you. Nurture those relationships. Keep the negativity out. Try not to spend a lot of time harping on the negative with that person and focus on being grateful to have that person in your life.

Taking care of you and surrounding yourself with positive people is the best thing you can do for you. Choose to let it go and you will be much happier and better off.