5 weeks since my Accident

As of Friday, Oct.24  it has been 5 weeks since I cut my wrist/hand. It is has been a experience to try to use only 1 hand with a half cast on. I now have a splint which is on the top of the arm instead of below the surgery site like the half cast was. […] Read more…


Had a Accident on Sept 19th that has changed my life

On Friday afternoon Sept. 19th 2014 I was washed a glass bowl and it broke in the sink with the water on , was soapy. I cut my radial nerve, 2 tendons,  a artery and vein on my left hand and had surgery on Friday night. I do have pictures but it is a little […] Read more…

Blogging through the Bible with Good Morning Girls

OK, so this is a BIG BIG challenge that I’m going to start September 1st. But its a challenge that I’m super excited about and I already feel the benefits while I’m prepping and getting ready.                What is it you ask? Well, I’m going to be blogging through […] Read more…

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