How you can get stress free for the Holiday with Hallmark Crafters & Co. #LoveHallmark Ended

Disclosure: As a member of the #LoveHallmark Bloggers Group I was provided with products to facilitate this review as well as to give away to one reader. All thoughts and opinions are my own. ¬†Please see my¬†disclosure policy) The Holidays can be completely stressful. I know that they are for me! I am a mom, […] Read more…

4 Ideas for Dealing with Unwanted Toys

For little ones, birthdays and holidays are probably the most favorite times of year. After all, it is the only time when they receive an influx of gifts from relatives, friends, and even neighbors. The downside to a sudden inflow of toys is that not all will be met with a happy smiling face and […] Read more…


Loving Yourself and Making Yourself Happy

You will love many people throughout your life, but in all that time, the most important person you will love is yourself. You are the one person that you will be with from the moment you are born until the day that you die. Loving yourself is not a selfish act – in fact it […] Read more…

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