2016-10-04-14-00-45When the holidays start approaching, I start looking for unique gifts for friends and family. It’s so easy to pick something up in the store, but it’s so much more thoughtful when you can find a unique gift they will love! That’s why I love Woofpup for all the dog lovers in my life – and there are a lot! I got Ruby the soft chocolate lab, so soft that I might keep it for myself. I love dogs but don’t have one personally; my sister has a little dog named Zoe.


2016-10-04-14-01-25Woofpup.com is an online community to share photos and stories of your dogs. It’s such a fun site where the focus is all on your favorite four-legged friends! I love connecting with other dog owners, but there’s more fun than that! Each month, Woofpup.com holds a contest for one dog to be crowned the Woofpup of the month! Bragging rights are all good, but the dog’s owner also gets $500 AND the cutest prize – a plush Woofpup created to look like their dog!


I’m absolutely in love with these little Woofpups, and it makes the cutest and unique gift for any dog lover, no matter how old they are! Each 8-inch plush Woofpup will be available for purchase on Woofpup.com for $29.95. The super soft Woofpups come with a personalized collar and nametag and also have the Woofpup logo embroidered on its paw.


You can collect all of these pups by participating in the monthly subscription service as a Premium Member of Woofpup! The Woofpup of the Month will be delivered to your home for a discounted price of $19.95, and shipping is included. This is such a great gift for the dog lovers in your life – they get a cuddly plush pup every month! My kids are always asking for plush animals. Do I love the idea of subscribing to the Woofpup membership where they will get the puppy delivered right to our house  – what kid doesn’t like getting a package delivered to them?

Right now, there are three plush Woofpups available for purchase on Woofpup.com. Families can collect Riley, Ruby, and Jackson, to start their own Woofpack. The three Woofpups are modeled after the owner of Woofpup’s family dogs and are known as the “Woofpup Pioneers.” The cuddly golden retriever, soft chocolate lab, and fluffy golden doodle can be played with by themselves or together!

If you’re a dog lover, you have to check out Woofpup.com! And if you’re looking for a unique gift, make sure to check out the premium membership to Woofpup where you’ll get a cuddly pet each month!

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Disclosure: I received compensation for this post, but all thoughts and opinions are my own. Woof!

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